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Table tennis is both a very simple sport and a very technical sport.  Almost everyone in the country has picked up a table tennis bat and ball and has had a game of Ping-Pong whether it has been in school, in a youth club or even at home on the kitchen table.  Most likely, more people have played games of ‘Round the Table’ or ‘Round the World’ than those that have played serious table tennis matches.

In the UK, table tennis was once the most popular indoor sport with many thousands watching the greats of yesteryear and many players that were inspired in the 1940’s and 1950’s are still playing league table tennis today.

There have been a great many changes in table tennis over the years.  The science and technology behind rubbers and bats has propelled table tennis to a new level of spin and speed.

Whether you just want to either improve your game so that you can improve your league win percentage, or if you want to train hard to become a champion, it is essential to have the correct technique in order to deal with this new level of spin and speed.

SPINS TT provides a structured, systematic coaching system that can be applied equally from total beginners, through intermediate to advanced level.  SPINS TT alone will not make you a champion but IT WILL ensure that you have the correct technique to help you on your table tennis journey to success.

At SPINS TT we measure our success by you coming back for more, your improvement, your enjoyment and by our improvement as coaches.



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  • Qualified TT Coaches
  • Brand new TT Tables
  • State of the art TT Robot
  • Multi-ball feed training
  • Fun and games in a safe environment