SPINS TT coaching system is based on the philosophy that every shot that we play in table tennis is based on basic technical fundamentals.  We all have different styles but even World Champions have the basic technical fundamentals in place because all other shots are developed from them.

For example, the basic fundamental forehand counterhit drive, if executed properly can then be developed and extended into a more powerful forehand drive or forehand topspin.  When these are mastered, they can, in turn be developed and extended into even more powerful forehand smashes and loops.  Looking in the other direction, the basic fundamental forehand counterhit drive can be developed into blocking our opponents speed and spin and thereafter into the use of chopblocks or topspin blocks.

The coaching system is split into 3 levels; basic, intermediate and advanced.  The basic level starts with how to grip the bat and progresses through the simple counterhit, service and push strokes.  The focus is to get the basics correct so that we can ensure your success at the next level.  From our experiences in coaching we have come to the conclusion that the correct fundamentals benefit even the most experienced players.

Each basic shot is broken down into individual elements which are then coached and assessed before progressing onto the next stage.  In each session you will get the opportunity to work on very many different elements of different shots and we will give you drills to suit your needs.  Everybody gets an assessment plan so that you can measure and monitor your improvement of each stage.  Assessment takes place on the robot so that you can focus on your technique and movement in a controlled environment.

Completion of the advanced level will be very difficult to achieve and will take many hours of dedication both on and off the table tennis table.  Completion of the advanced level will see you recognised at a National Level.

SPINS TT coaching system is designed to develop players into the modern game which is based primarily on speed and spin.  However, even defenders will benefit from many elements of the coaching system and we can provide coaching, drills and instruction to improve the defenders technique against the modern attackers.

Coaching Structure

Coaching Sessions

Table tennis is a sport that we play to enjoy ourselves.  It should be fun and we should want to play it and come back for more.  Enjoyment means many different things to different people but at SPINS TT we want your enjoyment to include:

  • Sessions that get you energised and on your toes;
  • Training exercises that improve your technique;
  • Concentrated sessions with a coach using the latest robot and multiball techniques;
  • Assessments so that you can track your improvement;
  • Rewards and recognition for achievements both in and out of SPINS TT;
  • Fun, Games and Competitions

All we at SPINS TT ask in return is that you try your very best at everything that you do and respect your coaches and other students.  Our motto is ‘Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is’.


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